Bottle Sizes for Essential Oil DIY Recipes

July 14, 2020 2 min read

Bottle Sizes for Essential Oil DIY Recipes

In addition to being naturally derived and non-toxic, one of the huge benefits of Essential Oils is how versatile they are! There are thousands of DIY recipes for everything from rollers and sprays, to cleaning and beauty products.

For each recipe, the size of the bottle or container is very important - especially if you are diluting an essential oil (check out our Dilution Safety Guide).

5-15mL Bottle

  • 5mL - this size is most commonly vials or rollers. This size is ideal for taking oils/blends when traveling or carrying in your daily bag. This is also the size many of the top brands use to package their individual oils.
  • 10mL - this has all the sames uses and benefits of a 5mL bottle, just with a little more room! This size is great for your most frequently used blends so you don't have to worry about refilling as often.
  • 15mL - you'll see mostly vials in this 15mL size. Often times you can swap out the cap on them for spray tops, rollers or droppers - it all depends on what you put in them!

1-8oz Bottles

  • 1-2oz - this size is perfect for making spray & serum! Some of our favorite recipes for this size are hand sanitizer, after-sun spray, and hair serum.
  • 4oz - these bottles, jars and containers are great for larger quantities of your favorite recipes.
  • 8oz - bottles this size are most often used for sprays. This includes topically (bug spray), aromatically (room spray) and internally (throat spray).

12-24oz Bottles

There are DOZENS of uses once you reach this size of bottles and containers. Many people will store their carrier oils in bottles this size, make their own essential oil-infused beauty products or create their own cleaning supplies.

EO Bandz Labels for Essential Oils and DIY Recipes

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