Why You Should Label Your Essential Oils with Silicone Bands not Stickers

Why You Should Label Your Essential Oils with Silicone Bands not Stickers

Are you using your roller bottles every day? It’s likely to take a toll on your sticker labels. You have to rub the oil and then handle your bottle, your kids and dogs want to chew on the bottles, and at some point you’re re-applying stickers just to make sure you know which is what. You’re probably thinking “There has to be a better way!”

One aspect of essential oils that has remained constant for quite some time is labeling. There are hundreds of different essential oils and it is important to keep track of what they are and the ingredients they contain. The most common method of labeling essential oils is using vinyl and sticker labels. Vinyl and sticker labels are the most common form of labeling for essential oils but they are far from the best way to get the job done. 

Common Issues with Essential Oil Labels

Products with oily or greasy contents – like essential oils – pose a challenge for labels because the oils can deteriorate a labels quality or cause adhesion issues. Common problems with labeling oil-based products include:

  • Excess oil seeps in between layers of label material which can cause paper labels to soak up the oil and deteriorate the label’s quality
  • The oil smudges and distorts the printed image on the label which can also cause inks to transfer from the label to whatever contacts it (fingers/clothing)
  • The product has oil on its surface prior to labeling, making it harder for the label’s adhesive to create a bond

Use Silicone Labels Instead – Enter EO Bandz

Deteriorating labels are both problematic and costly for the consumer but EO BANDZ has finally created a solution that works. EO BANDZ are reusable silicone bands used to label essential oil blends and DIY recipes. EO BANDZ are reusable, recyclable, smudge-proof, oil-proof, water-proof, anti-slip and washable!

EO BANDZ was created by two oilers just like you who could not find a viable option to stickers so they solved the problem themselves. EO BANDZ offers labels for bottles and roller of all sizes and has a large inventory of custom-labels to accurately and stylish label your essential oil bottles. EO BANDZ has label collections for the biggest essential oil companies on the market like doTerra and Young Living. Stop wasting time and money with sticker labels and SHOP EO BANDZ reusable, recyclable, silicone essential oil labels today.