Cleaning Your Bandz

Cleaning Your Bandz

Cleaning Your EO Bandz 

Not only are our Bandz reusable, but they are WASHABLE too! Unlike stickers that start to break down as soon as they get wet (with oils or water), EO Bandz are made of durable commercial grade silicone that is designed to last! Cleaning your Bandz is also so simple! 

Supplies You’ll need 

  • Dish soap (or your favorite Thieves or On Guard!) 
  • Bowl 
  • Warm Water 
  • Spoon 
  • Strainer or Colander 
  • Clean Towel 

Start by filling the bowl with warm water, then mix in a few drops of dish soap, Thieves, or On Guard. 

Remove your Bandz from their rollers and add them to the water. 

Take your spoon and give the Bandz a few good stirs around in the cleaning mixture. 

In the sink, pour the contents of the bowl into the strainer or colander. Rinse off the Bandz to remove any remaining cleaning residue. 

Lay the wet Bandz on the clean towel - either pat to dry or leave them out to air dry. 

Your Bandz are now clean and ready to be reused and added back onto your rollers! We recommend giving your Bandz a quick clean each time you change the blend in your rollers. Check out our Cleaning Your EO Bandz video on YouTube for more instruction on how to clean your Bandz. 

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