Essential Oil Stickers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Essential Oil Stickers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Essential oils have become a key part of many people’s lives. There are countless ways you can use essential oils, such as for easing physical discomfort like skin irritation,  managing emotions or stress, and even cleaning your home.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that essential oils are an investment in the health and wellness of you and your family.

As such, properly labeling essential oils, especially the  ones you mix yourself, is one way you can protect and maximize your investment.

Labeling your essential oils isn't just a recommendation — it’s a must! This is especially true if you make your own oil blends. You need to know exactly what oils are in which bottles to use them effectively.


The Good: Sticker Labels Work

When you buy your essential oils, they are most likely labeled using stickers. Sticker labels are dynamic and versatile. From baked goods and healthy juices to skin care products and even school supplies, sticker labels are a common branding and labeling option.

That’s because sticker labels offer a  wide variety of benefits.

Among these benefits are:

  • Highly customizable designs
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Different sticker paper options, like foil, film, and laminated paper
  • Ample space for message and product information
  • Brand recognition
  • Affordable bulk printing

Sticker labels work — or at least to a certain extent. You won’t have any problems using stickers to label dry items or products.

However, when it comes to essential oils and other oil-based products, that is when you start seeing issues.


The Bad: Only for a Limited Time

Although store-bought essential oils already come pre-labeled, essential oil stickers are rarely a durable or reliable label option.

Essential oil stickers are printed on paper. Like any other paper product, these do not mesh well with any type of liquid — including oil. 

Here are some common issues with using essential oil stickers for your bottles and rollers:

  • Essential oil spills and seeps through the sticker label and your bottle, causing the paper label to soften, deteriorate, and peel away.
  • Spilled product can smudge the printed information on your essential oil stickers, making them hard to read. Unreadable essential oil stickers pose a health risk for you and your loved ones.
  • Oil-smudged sticker labels can transfer to your fingers and other materials, including the inside of your bags, pockets, or your clothes.
  • Some essential oil often ends up on the outside of the bottle after they are filled up, whether it is done manually or mechanically. Oily surfaces make it hard for sticker label adhesives to properly stick.

Even doTerra stickers placed on your essential oil covers aren’t safe from these issues. Essential oil bottle cap stickers still fall victim to excess oil, smudging, and peeling.

After all, when you use essential oils, you more often than not have excess oil on your fingertips. These can and will seep into your essential oil bottle cap stickers when you close them.


The Ugly: Neither Zero Waste nor Cost-Effective

Another major disadvantage when using essential oil stickers is how they are neither zero waste labels nor cost-effective options.

As an essential oil user, you are also probably an advocate of sustainability and zero waste. Unfortunately, sticker labels are neither of those things.

Daily essential oil use causes unavoidable spillage and seepage on your essential oil stickers. Add that to the wear and tear of constant handling, and you are left with just bits and pieces of what used to be a colorful label.

Even if you replace your old essential oil stickers with new ones, the same thing will happen again in time.

When you do change the contents of your essential oil bottles or rollers, you naturally have to change the sticker labels. But before you change the sticker label you’ll need to  scrape off leftover sticker adhesive, which can be difficult and frustrating.

The time and effort needed to remove the leftover sticker residue may not be a big issue for some. However, when you scrape off particularly stubborn adhesive with anything sharp enough, you risk scratching and damaging your bottles.

If you choose to stick to using stickers, arguing in your head that stickers are cheap anyway, then you are fighting a losing battle.

Sticker labels may be cheap, but when you multiply the cost by the number of times you print or order essential oil stickers, it can all add up to an expensive amount. 


The Better Alternative: Silicone Labels

It’s time to stop clinging onto your essential oil stickers and start moving on to better options. EO BANDZ’s silicone labels are reusable, smudge-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, and washable.

With EO BANDZ,  you won’t have to worry about disappearing labels, smudging stickers, and constant reprinting or re-sticking.

EO BANDZ are made from High quality silicone material that is non-latex, ozone and UV resistant. This ensures your new labels are durable, waterproof, and reusable. When you do need to change out the contents of your essential oil bottles, EO BANDZ silicone rings are easy to remove and put back on.

If you are a fan of doTerra’s Adaptive or On Guard blend — we have you covered, EO BANDZ has a line of labels for the most popular essential oil companies and their blends.

Moreover, we offer custom label options and various sizes. Choose from our wide color options, from bright ones to pastels, and different fonts to create your own stylish essential oil label.

We also have small EO BANDZ for your rollers, medium ones for serum dropper bottles, and large sized bands for big pump bottles!

Best of all, the benefits of EO BANDZ aren’t just for labeling your precious essential oil bottles. 

Our silicone labels can also serve as a slip-proof grip, which helps reduce accidentally dropping and breaking your glass rollers. The silicone bands may also serve as a buffer when you pack your essential oil bottles together, preventing them from clinking as much.



If you are an essential oil user looking for lasting labels for your essential oils, then look no further.

Change your labels from essential oil stickers to silicone band labels. Live out your essential oil habits the way you were meant to — zero-waste, smudge-proof, waterproof, and hassle-free.

Contact us today to place your first EO BANDZ order!