Essential Oils for Sinus Infections

Essential Oils for Sinus Infections

Sometimes using essential oils to help ease a sinus infection is the best in-house remedy. Sinus infections can be remarkably uncomfortable. No one wants to get a sinus infection, but it can happen to the best of us. A sinus infection can make it hard for you to breathe, give you a stuffy/runny nose, and cause sinus pressure you feel behind your face and in your head.

Sometimes people can even develop a cough from a sinus infection! Essential oils like eucalyptus oil can clear up your nasal passages and relieve pressure caused by a sinus infection. Other essential oils like tea tree oil have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helping you get rid of congestion.

Learning to use essential oils to ease sinus infections and resolve the trouble is the best natural way to feel better again. The anti-inflammatory properties of the herbs that make up the essential oils work to open the sinus passageways in your face/head. That allows mucus to drain and space for air to flow again. Steam inhalation is the best way to get the steam, moisture, and oils into your sinuses.

NAHA recommends adding three to seven drops of essential oil to boiling water in a large pot or heatproof bowl. Use a towel to cover your head and breathe through your nose for only two minutes at a time. Keep your eyes closed to prevent eye irritation."  

Benefits Of Essential Oil for Sinuses

There are many benefits to using essential oils as opposed to pharmaceuticals or other solutions that may have side effects. The side effects that many of the over-the-counter decongestants and antibiotics have can be ominous. Here are some potential side effects: drowsiness, rapid heart rate, headaches, high blood pressure, and restlessness. Essential oils are all-natural and derived from natural plants and herbs.

They are a great organic way to relieve symptoms like congestion, inflammation, and even cough without the scary possibilities. You will find relief and comfort when you use essential oils to ease sinus congestion from allergies, bacteria, inflammation, and a cold. Some research currently shows that essential oils can reduce inflammation, fight bacteria, and relieve pain. A combination of moisture and the proper essential oils will clear your sinuses in no time, allowing you to breathe smoothly again.

How To Use Essential Oils to Relieve Sinus Pressure

The most effective way to use essential oils to reduce the discomfort of sinus infections is through inhalation. You can inhale the various oil blends in a handful of different ways.

Some are more effective, but you can find what works for you. Most methods require diluting the essential oils. Most solutions that use essential oils for sinusitis are aromatic, but there are also some topical and internal uses. 

For aromatic uses, we recommend the following:

  • Steam Inhalation
  • The steam inhalation process requires you to dilute the essential oils with water. Start by boiling water without oils added. It is better to boil the water alone to prevent the oils from evaporating.

    Once the water is boiling thoroughly, pour the water into a bowl that can withstand the boiling temperatures. Add 5-10 drops of your preferred essential oil blend, then mix it well.

    Hover your head above the bowl to inhale the steam through your nose and mouth. For better results, you can put a towel around the back of your head to create a chamber that directs the warm steam towards the center of your face.

    You can keep inhaling until the water is cold and no longer producing steam or repeat this process as much as you need until your congestion is relieved. It's best to close your eyes to prevent oil from irritating them. Do not breathe the steam for longer than two consecutive minutes.


  • Using a Diffuser/Humidifier
  • The purpose of diffusers and humidifiers is to spread moisture throughout an environment. It is common to put essential oils in diffusers. To help sinus problems, pick your favorite oil or oil blend to combine with water and fill the diffuser or humidifier.

    A standard mix ratio is five drops of essential oils to every half cup of water. Power it up and allow time for the vaporized particles to spread throughout the room. For a faster or more potent effect, put your face close to where the vapor is being dispersed, then inhale. 


  • Inhaling Directly
  • Direct inhalation is the most basic remedy and easy to soothe symptoms on the go. With this method, you can inhale the aroma of the essential oil of your choice straight from the bottle. For better results, put a few drops onto a cotton ball, handkerchief, or tissue and put that close to your nose to breathe it in. 

    Topical Solutions

    There's also a few ways that you can apply these oils topically.

  • Adding to a Bath
  • Add up to ten drops of essential oils to your hot bath to get the best relief of your sinus congestion. Some people like to put the essential oils onto a sponge and then let that sponge float in the bathtub for a slower release of the oils. This method has topical benefits, but most of the relief for your sinus annoyance comes from the essential oil steam you breathe in from the hot bath. Gently breathe in the aromatic steam to help clear the sinus infection.


  • Apply to Your Skin
  • You can dilute 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil into a carrier oil, lotion, or massage oil. Apply that oil mixture to your skin, allowing you to breathe in the aroma and clear your sinuses. 

    Finally, the best internal use solution for sinus infections and pressure is to use essential oils with a Neti Pot. 

    You execute this method exactly how you regularly use a neti pot, but with essential oils. The neti pot technique is likely the most invasive approach out of all of them but also assumably the most effective. First, make a solution of up to ten drops of essential oils, one cup of warm water, and one tablespoon of sea salt.

    Stir until the salt is dissolved, then pour it into the neti pot. Now, use the neti pot like you typically would, tipping your head sideways over a sink to pour the solution into one nostril, letting it drain out of the other. Make sure to switch sides. Because the salt, water, and essential oils are directly flushing out your sinuses, you can expect better breathing after this process. 

    Top 8 Essential Oils & Blends

    Top 8 Essential Oils & Blends


    1. Eucalyptus Oil
    2. Tea Tree Oil
    3. Peppermint Oil
    4. Rosemary 
    5. Lavender


    Blends for Sinus Relief:


    Three drops of pine or rosemary

    Three drops of peppermint

    Two drops of eucalyptus


    Three drops of rosemary

    One drop of thyme

    One drop of peppermint


    Four drops of eucalyptus

    Four drops of pine or rosemary

    Four drops of peppermint

    With these options, you'll be feeling better in no time!

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