How to Choose the Right Essential Oil Label?

How to Choose the Right Essential Oil Label?

Finding the perfect labels for your essential oils can be a challenge. The online market is flooded with options that look similar and separating the quality options from the masses is almost impossible. The sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming and enough to make some quit. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself these questions –

  • How much should I pay for labels?
  • How many labels do I need?
  • What’s the difference between sticker sheets and vinyl stickers?
  • What are these labels made of, are they toxic?
  • Is there a better more efficient way to label my essential oils?

Picking the Right Essential Oil Labels for You – a Guide  

You have your oils and now you just need to label them – where do you start? You should consider three important decision factors – reusability, sustainability, and affordability.

  • Reusability – stickers and oil don’t mix, which leads to stickers falling off the bottle in as little as 7 days. You could buy a sheet of 30 stickers and replace weekly or you could buy a silicone band just one time. Wash and reuse as often as needed – EO Bandz essential oil labels are designed to last.
  • Sustainability – as oilers we embrace natural, holistic, and non-toxic lifestyle choices. We recycle our oil bottles and make many of our life decisions with our health and the health of the environment in mind. Unfortunately, for too long we have ignored the damaging effects that our quick-fix, disposable sticker labels can cause. The adhesive side of the sticker contains and is made with harmful chemicals including Chlorinated Paraffins, Synthetic Resins, Benzoates, and sadly many more. As you reorder and replace sticker labels, these chemicals continue to find their way into our landfills and environment.
  • Affordability – on average, if you blend your own essential oils daily you will spend between $85 and $120 per year on stickers depending on the quality you purchase. EO Bandz reusable silicone essential oil labels cost just $0.55 per label and last a lifetime! 

What Size Labels Do You Need?

It’s important that your essential oil label fits your bottle or roller properly. EO Bandz reusable silicone essential oil labels are offered in sizes designed to fit all major oil bottles and rollers –

EO Bandz offers a superior way to label your oils with our reusable silicone labels. Unlike cheap sticker labels, EO Bandz silicone labels are designed to last and compliment your essential oils. They won’t fall off when they mix with oil, you won’t need to replace them every 7 to 20 days, and we promise, you won’t ever label your oils any other way once you experience EO Bandz reusable essential oil labels. Evolve your method of essential oil labeling and SHOP EO BANDZ reusable, recyclable, silicone, essential oil labels today!

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