How To Clean Essential Oil Bottles

How To Clean Essential Oil Bottles

Learning how to clean essential oil bottles is marvelous to know if you ever want to be able to reuse them. The bottles can be handy for so many things. All the different varieties of droppers and rollers make the possibilities endless. Here are some quick ideas of ways to reuse the bottles: 

- Share oils

Create oil blends of your own

- Travel-sized bottles

- Cosmetics

- Ingredients

Cleaning essential oil bottles is not too tricky, but some are tougher than others. Depending on the essential oil in the bottle, it may leave a sticky film or residual smell, making it harder to get out. Some may clean so easy you only need some soap and water. Others may not be entirely clean even after boiling them, scrubbing them, and even letting them soak in a safe solvent for days.

For the bottles that are more hopeless to get clean than it is to trim nails on a dog, recycle them. If there is any residual grime, you should refrain from reusing them for other things, even other oils. Using our tricks below, you will get most of your essential oil bottles cleaned and ready to use again!

Cleaning Your Bottles

Send this list of how to clean essential oil bottles to your friends and family and share the best tips and tricks below. Cleaning essential oil bottles should not be a secret!

  • Empty any remaining oil from the bottles. 
  • Sometimes there can be a bit of oil left in the bottle that does not like to come through the dropper. My favorite way to use the rest of that oil is to fill the bottle with warm water and dump it into the diffuser to radiate the smell. 

  • Remove the labels and disassemble the bottles. 
  • -Remove the cap, plastic ring, and orifice reducer/dropper from the bottle.

    -To make the labels easier to remove, soak the bottles in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes to help soften the label paper and glue. Put all the other bottle parts into this same soapy water.  

    -Rub the labels and remaining glue off the essential oil bottles. You can use lemon essential oil to help get the sticky glue off. 

  • Clean the bottles. 
  • -Once all the labels and immediate gunk are off the bottles, prepare another tub of warm soapy water to soak and scrub the bottles in. 

    -Put all the bottles and parts into the new tub of soapy water and let them sit for 10-20 minutes.  

    -After letting everything sit, scrub the inside of each bottle with a small brush/sponge to remove any filmy residue that could be stuck. Brush and clean all the small pieces too!

    -If you can see or smell anything still in the bottles after the soapy water and scrubbing, let them soak in vinegar or a safe solvent like high-proof vodka or alcohol. You could also try boiling them to get a deeper clean with hotter water.

    -Rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly before reusing. It is important to rinse any soap or residual cleaner off the bottles. It is just as critical that they are all dry before reusing the essential oil bottles. 

    Make sure to clean all the bottle parts, including the dropper.

    It is crucial to make sure that you clean the bottle caps, orifice reducers, and droppers thoroughly. Sometimes these smaller parts can be the biggest headache when cleaning essential oil bottles. Because the orifice reducers trap a lot of oil, they can be tough to clean. The other small bottle parts, like the caps and droppers, can be cleaned, scrubbed, and ready for reusing with less effort. When in doubt, do not reuse the small pieces of essential oil bottles.