Let’s Band Together… To Reuse

Let’s Band Together… To Reuse

Natural, Holistic, Non-Toxic – these are ideals that we strive for as oil users. We believe in the positive effects of essential oils and make it a point to recycle and reuse our oil bottles and rollers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always extend to how we elect to label our oils. Most of the oil industry defaults to labeling oils with stickers, which can only be described as the opposite of the natural, holistic, and non-toxic characteristics that we value. Sticker manufacturing relies on chemicals, lots of them! 

Did you ever wonder how the “sticky” gets on the back of a sticker?

We did, and it turns out that the self-adhesive PVC sticker, also known as polyvinyl chloride sticker, can be problematic to the environment and our homes. The PVC stickers that most of us use or have used, especially the high-end Vinyl stickers, are made using a wide range of chemicals.

Plasticizers, the third largest polymer by volume after Polypropylene and Polyethylene, are most often used in PVC sticker manufacturing and many other everyday products. In order to manufacture PVC and the adhesive, these chemicals are used –

  • Synthetic Resins
  • Adipates
  • Benzoates
  • Chlorinated Paraffins
  • Citrates
  • Epoxidized Oils Hydrocarbons
  • Phosphates
  • Terephthalates
  • Trimellitates
  • and many, many more too long to list out here

As we strive to remove as many toxins as possible from our homes, we continue to purchase stickers that are made with chemicals and, equally as important, not reusable.

We should all begin to consider a reusable and washable alternative to labeling our essential oils as we opt for more sensible and conscious products that align with our intentions to reuse and recycle.

Enter EO Bandz – Reusable Essential Oil Labels

We created EO Bandz reusable essential oil labels because we love our precious essential oils. We understand how important dilution is and how vital it is to properly label the contents of our blends. In addition to the normal essential oil sticker pain points like having them fall of quickly and spending too much money on them, we saw an opportunity to create a better experience for essential oil users.

Our reusable essential oil labels are made to last. Buy one band it will last a lifetime. They are also stylish and offered in a variety of options to perfectly pair with your oil blends. We carry reusable essential oil labels to match major oil sellers like DoTerra and Young Living as well as any custom blends you may create. Shop our full collection today!

Does it cost more to label sustainably?

No! It will actually save you money on essential oil labeling by joining the thousands of oil users who have switched to EO Bandz. On average, if you blend your own essential oils daily you will spend $85 - $120* per year on stickers. With EO Bandz Reusable Washable Silicone Labels, the average cost per band is just $0.55 and lasts a lifetime!

EO Bandz Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to Mother Earth is that should you grow tired of EO Bandz and want to dispose of them properly, simply ship them back to us! We will take care of making sure they are properly recycled AND we will even pay for the return package. Simply email us for further support.



*Cost estimate based on assumption of 25 essential oils being used, average blending in home of 10 roller bottle blends per 45 days.

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