Recipe of The Month - June

Recipe of The Month - June

Recipe of the Month 

The start of June means the official start of summer! While we start enjoying backyard barbeques and nights around a fire - one thing we could do without are the ALLERGIES! 

This month we are sharing one of our favorite recipes that will be your go-to all summer long. This recipe helps calm your sinuses and promote clear & deep breathing. 

LEMON - 5 drops 

  • Reduces congestion to help clear sinuses 

LAVENDER - 5 drops 

  • Helps calm and reduce inflammation 

PEPPERMINT - 5 drops 

  • Reduces inflammation to help you breathe easier 


  • Helps seasonal allergy symptoms and has anti-inflammatory benefits 

COPAIBA - 5 drops 

  • Helps magnify the benefits of the other oils 

Fill the remainder of your roller bottle with your favorite carrier oil. Take your Sinus Roller with you and don’t let pollen, dust, and allergies put a bummer on your summer! 

You can also find your SINUS band in our Basic Blendz Collection