What Essential Oils Keep Spiders Away?

What Essential Oils Keep Spiders Away?

Peppermint Oil For Spiders

If you commonly have creepy crawly visitors that you're trying to get rid of, try essential oils as a natural repellant! Peppermint oil can be your best friend when trying to keep spiders and other pests away. Spiders and insects hate peppermint oil, and although it is unclear exactly why they hate it, peppermint oil is considered a natural insecticide and gets the job done!

Here is the best way to make a diluted essential oil spray that allows you to mist peppermint oil or any other essential oil around the house to keep spiders away! First, mix 1 cup of warm water with two teaspoons of the essential oil of your choice. Then add a few drops of dish soap to help the water and oil blend together. Boom! Now your spider repellent spray is ready!

Spritz the mixture anywhere that spiders might enter, live, or travel. Places like doorways, windows, small gaps, and window frames are a great start but experiment to find out what works best. 

There is no definitive answer as to why spiders do not like essential oils. It makes sense that they avoid the powerful odors essential oils emit. Unlike many other animals or bugs, spiders and some other insects detect the sense of smell through their legs! That could explain why they evade essential oils, especially potent ones like peppermint oil.

Healthline.com says, "Another idea has to do with the monoterpenoids found in essential oils. Almost all essential oils contain them to some degree." That idea makes sense, according to a 2010 study that describes how monoterpenoids are fumigants and how fumigants could be a fundamental aspect of why essential oils repel insects and spiders. 

A different 2010 thesis discovered that Argentine ants avoid peppermint oil and even the area where it gets applied for up to seven days! The study concluded that essential oils are feasible to use as an alternative to chemical repellants. 

Thyme Oil For Spiders

Although most spiders are harmless and just a creepy nuisance, some spiders, like black widows or brown recluses, are poisonous. And although it is rare, bites from some venomous spiders can kill someone! At a minimum, the experience of a bite from a venomous spider, let alone any spider, would not be fun.

Another lovely essential oil to use to keep spiders away is thyme oil. Thyme is specifically effective against mites and ticks. A 2017 study tested how well eleven essential oils, including thyme oil, repelled against ticks. They found that red thyme and creeping thyme seem to be the most effective at repelling ticks. Another 2017 study tested the effects of thyme oil on mites with positive results. 

Clove Oil For Spiders

Clove can be more potent and, therefore, more effective at repelling spiders than thyme is. A 2016 study that compared DEET with eight essential oils found that clove has repellant activity against ticks. The National Library of Medicine has some fascinating studies regarding clove oil!

The same 2017 study referenced above that tested how well eleven different essential oils worked to repel ticks also studied clove. Not only was the clove effective at deterring the ticks it was more effective than both of the best types of thyme!

Many kinds of essential oils can be great for deterring these eight-legged pests and even other annoyances. Most creepy crawly creatures use their sense of smell to navigate the world, even if they do it through their legs like a spider. The powerful aromatic essential oils seem to mess with that sense of smell and stop them dead in their tracks! Use essential oils to repel your spiders! And if you need labels for your essential oils, buy from us!

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