What Essential Oils Repel Mice?

What Essential Oils Repel Mice?


Using peppermint oil to repel mice is extremely helpful. It gives you a cleaner and safer alternative to traps or poison. Dripping or spraying the peppermint oil in the right places will naturally deter the mice from that area. Strategically scatter peppermint oil in spots where you think mice could be accessing your home.

If you can maintain the habit and reapply the oil every couple of months, you will have a reliable solution to any mouse problem. You can even use peppermint oil in conjunction with mouse traps. Set the traps, then use the peppermint oil to help lead them right to it by putting the peppermint oil everywhere they would go, except for the mouse trap. 

Mice have terrible vision and rely on their strong sense of smell to guide them. Peppermint oil is probably the best essential oil to use when trying to repel mice because it's one of the most intense oils, and they do not like the powerful scent of peppermint, which contains menthol.

The smell irritates the nasal cavities of mice and reliably keeps them away. Not only does it just repel them because of how potent and irritating it is, but the peppermint oil can also cover up the pheromone trails that mice use to navigate. A lost mouse will usually leave. So, not only does it keep them out, but it works as a preventative by destroying the previous pheromone trails that could help lead other mice there.

Any mouse that might get through your new peppermint oil force field will be left confused and have nowhere to go without the trails to follow.

Sage Oil

The potent scent of other herbs and essential oils, like sage oil, can be very off-putting to mice. Their keen sense of smell they use to get around will not want to push them further into a potent smell like sage oil. This essential oil is a fantastic mouse deterrent that can be a pleasant smell around the house. One method when using sage oil to repel mice is to soak cotton balls with some sage oil and then place them around the home in strategic spots.

Here is the best way to make a diluted essential oil spray to mist sage oil or any other essential oil around the house to repel mice! First, mix 1 cup of warm water with two teaspoons of the essential oil of your choice. Then add a few drops of dish soap to help the water and oil blend together. Boom! Now your mice repellent spray is ready!

Rosemary Oil

Like peppermint oil, the intense aroma of rosemary oil is perfect for repelling mice. Even just having rosemary or peppermint plants around the house is enough to help deter mice. Now imagine how repulsing the smell of the concentrated oil is for them. 

Dripping undiluted oil can be crucial in your efforts to repel mice. Make sure to drip wisely and be clever on the spots you are going to drip your oils. Some hot spots could be the bottom of doorways or windows, closets or storage rooms, corners, and even cabinets.

Be careful where you drip the oils because some can stain or damage different surfaces and some essential oils are darker than others, leaving more of a risk for a stain. Using a rag, tissues, or a cotton ball to help spread the oil out can be very helpful. Dragging a cotton ball of rosemary oil across the bottom of your baseboards can undoubtedly deter mice. Use essential oils to repel mice! And if you need any oils, get some EO Bandz while you're at it to help keep them sorted!

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