Reusable Essential Oil Labels

Reusable Essential Oil Labels

Essential Oils offer natural solutions for you and your loved ones.  As we look to  nature and her beautiful gifts to support a healthy lifestyle, we reach for our precious essential oils.

If you are new to essential oils you will most likely look to your wellness advocate for guidance of what resources and tools you need to get started.  If you are a seasoned essential oil user, you already know the basics of what tools are needed.

Once you have your essential oils, whether it be DoTerra, Young Living, Plant Therapy, Revive or your favorite brand, you will also need roller bottles, labels and carrier oils to begin making blends or diluting your blends or single oils for daily use.

You will quickly find that essential oil cap stickers smudge and fall off, leaving you to wonder what is in your roller or dropper bottle.  If you are unsure of the contents or the dilution you may find yourself ditching what's in the bottle and starting over.  This is wasteful and costly.  

As a working mother who loves her essential oils, I knew there had to be a better way to label my precious essential oils, simplify the process and save money.

Our team at EO Bandz has created a logical and cost effective solution for all of your essential oil and DIY labeling needs.

EO Bandz carries Reusable essential oil and cleaning labels for bottle sizes ranging from 5ml and 10 ml amber roller bottles, 30ml sprayer bottles up to 24 ounce spray bottles, which are often used to create DIY cleaning solutions using natural ingredients.

If you are tired of spending money on essential oil stickers that do not last and are definitely not reusable, check out EO Bandz options for all of your reusable essential oil labeling needs.

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