Essential Oils Recipes for Allergies

Essential Oils Recipes for Allergies

Spring and summer are great times to get outside and have some fun, but they are also peak allergy season. Luckily we have some essential oil recipes that can help. For diffuser recipes, it takes 5 minutes of inhalation to activate the olfactory nerve. After at least another 15 minutes of waiting, you’ll begin to notice the alleviation of allergy symptoms.

Roller bottle recipes work even more quickly. It only takes two minutes for the essential oils to enter the bloodstream. Each person’s biology is a little different so the time it takes to start feeling the alleviation of allergy symptoms will vary. Apply these roller bottle recipes several times a day or as allergy symptoms reappear.

My entire family suffers from allergies, especially my daughter. We love using our diffuser recipes first thing in the morning as well as at night time before bed.. After about 10 minutes of inhaling the cool mist from our diffuser we can start to feel our sinus opening and drainage begins. My daughter carries her allergy roller blend with her all of the time during the summer. We love using natural options like our essential oils to combat seasonal allergies


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