"Obsessed with these roller bottle bands that I got from @eobandz that come in all different collections. Clearly I use oils on the daily and have rollers for just about anything and always making new blends. Thankful to have these bands and just had to share!! Because you know once I find a good product I love to share about it!"Ā  Sarah M.

to make it easy because I always forget whats in my blends and sometimes stickers fade overtime I'm using these handy silicone bands from @eobandz which I am loving!Ā  Tammy B.

I was super excited to get these reusable bands from @eobandz! Not only are they reusable but they're smudge proof, cost effective, water and oil proof and they last a long time! šŸ™Œ I also love how fun and colorful they are! šŸ’›šŸ’šā¤ļøĀ  Lisa R.Ā 

You guys how cool are these roller bands from @eobandz?! I have used stickers forever but Iā€™m super excited to start using these to label all my blends and they are reusable!Ā  Michelle K.Ā